Canada Lands Company Limited Announces Old Port of Montréal Corporation Board Appointments

Montréal, Québec, April 16, 2007 – Canada Lands Company Limited (CLCL) is pleased to announce the appointment of five new members to the board of directors of its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation.

Appointed to the board for three-year terms are Hélène Desmarais, Patrick Kenniff, Tasha Kheiriddin, Bernard Roy and Claude Thibault, all of Montréal.

“I am extremely pleased that all of these talented individuals have agreed to serve as board members,” said CLCL Chairman Marc Rochon. “All of them bring a strong sense of community commitment to the Corporation’s board and we look forward to working with them as the Corporation continues its efforts to revitalize the south-west Old Port and downtown areas.”

The Old Port of Montréal Corporation was created by the Government of Canada in 1981 with the mandate of managing and promoting the development of the Old Port of Montréal’s territory, which covers 47.3 hectares (116.9 acres) and lies along the St. Lawrence River near the centre of one of North America’s most vibrant and exciting cities. The Corporation promotes sustainable development of this recreational and tourist property for the benefit of all Montréalers and Canadians.

CLCL is a federal Crown corporation and through its real estate subsidiary, optimizes the financial and community value obtained from surplus properties no longer required by the Government of Canada. The company is self-financing and implements innovative property solutions to create strong and competitive communities wherever it operates.

We are pleased to provide the attached brief biographical notes of the new board members, highlighting their experience and skills.